About Carl Safina

I grew up with an inexplicable love of the natural world. Inexplicable because I was a city kid living in Brooklyn, New York. But thanks to my parents I did get to go to the Bronx Zoo, American Museum of Natural History, the New York Aquarium, and on rare delicious occasions out to Jones Beach, crabbing on summer nights with my father from the Cross Bay Boulevard bridge, or—best of all—out on my uncles’ boat. I started raising homing pigeons when I was seven years old, and when I was nine we spent a month in the Catskills where for the first time I saw forests, lakes, chipmunks, hawks—. My heart flung open and my life changed. We moved to Long Island when I was ten, and in my teens I did a lot of bicycle-accessed fishing and camping in local woods, and started keeping hawks and snakes and other creatures. My life changed again as I watched most of the places I’d fallen in love with get bulldozed for houses... Read more | Subscribe by Email

Carl’s Books

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Voyage of the Turtle        Nina Delmar and the Great Whale Rescue