About Carl Safina

I grew up a city kid in Brooklyn, New York. My parents took me to the Bronx Zoo, American Museum of Natural History, the New York Aquarium, Jones Beach or out on my uncles’ boat. I started raising homing pigeons when I was seven years old, and on a visit to the Catskills I finally saw forests, lakes, and wildlife. We moved to Long Island when I was ten and I did a lot of local fishing and camping. My life changed as I watched my favorite places get bulldozed for houses and more houses. But I’ve also seen nature’s incredible powers of recovery. I studied environmental science, and eventually did a PhD in ecology studying seabirds and fishes. These days I worry that the animals we paint on nursery-room walls—elephants, tigers, apes, sea turtles and rainbowed fishes—might not be there for our children. I write books. But you can also see my stuff pretty regularly on National Geographic, Huffington Post, CNN.com, here, and needless to say, social media. Read more | Subscribe by Email

Carl’s Books

’Beyond        ’A        ’The        ’Song        ’Eye        Voyage of the Turtle        Nina Delmar and the Great Whale Rescue