Protected No Longer? Desperate Fisheries Managers Want to Open Closed Areas

Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Photo by NOAA.

By Carl Safina and Elizabeth Brown By the early 1990’s, decades of heavy fishing had depleted several of New England’s important fish species, including cod, haddock, pollock and flounders (collectively referred to as ‘groundfish’). Fishermen had been catching fish faster than they could reproduce and had degraded fish habitats by dragging nets. To help rebuild New […]

As Fisheries Service Dithers, New England Porpoises Drown

Pinger on gill net gear. Credit: Danielle Waples.

Originally posted on National Geographic News Watch on October 25, 2012. By Carl Safina and Andrew Read Every twelve hours in the Gulf of Maine, a porpoise swims into a net it cannot see, struggles until it runs out of breath, and drowns. That’s because New England gill-net fishermen simply refuse to use a proven […]