Caught by Accident: Global Hotspots of Unintended Catches

“Still alive, mon!” Trinidadian fisherman attempts to free a leatherback turtle tangled in his net. Photo: Carl Safina

Previously posted on 4/3/2014 By Carl Safina and Rebecca Lewison You might have heard that fishing gear accidentally catches sea animals that fishermen are not trying to catch. Certain nets set for mackerel and lines set for swordfish catch leatherback turtles; lines set for tuna catch sea turtles in some places, albatrosses in others. […]

As Fisheries Service Dithers, New England Porpoises Drown

Pinger on gill net gear. Credit: Danielle Waples.

Originally posted on National Geographic News Watch on October 25, 2012. By Carl Safina and Andrew Read Every twelve hours in the Gulf of Maine, a porpoise swims into a net it cannot see, struggles until it runs out of breath, and drowns. That’s because New England gill-net fishermen simply refuse to use a proven […]