The Most Important Fish In The Sea


That’s what some call it. We called them bunker, and still do. The native Americans called them menhaden, and that’s their more formal name. The humble Atlantic menhaden may not look like much, but this fish plays a vital role in the ocean food web. Striped bass, bluefish, whales, dolphins, sharks, and birds like osprey […]

As Fisheries Service Dithers, New England Porpoises Drown

Pinger on gill net gear. Credit: Danielle Waples.

Originally posted on National Geographic News Watch on October 25, 2012. By Carl Safina and Andrew Read Every twelve hours in the Gulf of Maine, a porpoise swims into a net it cannot see, struggles until it runs out of breath, and drowns. That’s because New England gill-net fishermen simply refuse to use a proven […]

How to Catch Fish and Save Fisheries

Baja Sky, by Carl Safina

By Carl Safina and Brett Jenks This week, top environmental ministers from 168 countries descended upon Hyderabad, India. Their goal: agree on how to protect 10 percent of the world’s ocean, a target they set two years ago under the Convention on Biological Diversity.  You might be thinking, same old story —easy to agree on […]