Life Finds a Way—But Needs Our Help

Carl Safina and Robert Steneck survey a recovering Pacific reef in Palau. Photo credit: Suzanne Arnold.

Originally posted on Huffington Post on July 17, 2012. I can’t remember who dragged me to see the movie Jurassic Park, but one resonant line in that movie was worth the price of admission, this unforgettable sentence: “Life finds a way.” It popped out at me because it so economically summed up a truth behind […]

How the World was Supposed to Look in 2000

Mark Bittman recently wrote in his NYTimes blog about predictions from the 1960s that did and did not come true. He invited people to add their own take. This blog was originally posted as a response to Mark Bittman blog entry People in the 1960s and early ‘70s were a fun bunch, but not about […]