Population and Women Under-Recognized in Pope’s Encyclical. Applause Anyway.

pope francis

In a brilliant blend of distilled science and religious language, the pope has said what many of us have been saying for years: The whole Earth, our shared and increasingly degraded home, now cries out for our respect and reverence. There is no taking away from the remarkable seismic shift indicated by the pope’s encyclical. […]

The Guardians of Raja Ampat: Community-Driven Conservation in the Heart of Indonesia

Guest blog by photographer, filmmaker and Safina Center Fellow, John Weller Reversing overfishing, climate change, and population growth can seem insurmountable. Safina Center Fellows strive to amplify the global conservation discussion and, in targeted ways and places, overcome some of these obstacles. They bring a wide range of skills, engaging in every way from primary research to […]

Palau Plans to Ban Commercial Fishing, Create Enormous Marine Reserve

Coral reef in Palau. Photo: Carl Safina

Originally published July 2, 2014 on NationalGeographic.com. By Carl Safina and Elizabeth Brown The people of Palau, a small island nation in the northwestern Pacific, have long realized that the health and prosperity of their nation depends on the ocean. Because of this realization, Palauans have always worked to protect their ocean resources.  That’s why […]

Rising oceans will be unstoppable

Penguins on an ice block in Antarctica.

Previously posted on CNN:   Have you heard the news? Because Antarctic ice sheets are melting, the sea level is likely to rise “unstoppably” by at least 10 feet, dooming many coastal towns and displacing millions of people. And it’s all going to happen—within several centuries. Well. Who. Cares. This is news you can snooze. […]

Gas Fracking: No Time For Nuance

By Carl Safina Originally posted on Huffington Post 8/4/2013: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/carl-safina/gas-fracking-no-time-for-_b_3705005.html My friend Andrew Revkin, whom I greatly respect, has lately been pointing out certain problems with critiques of gas fracking, and pointing out how it could be greatly improved, e.g.: http://dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/08/01/two-climate-analysts-fault-gas-leaks-but-not-as-a-big-warming-threat/?src=recg They want more gas until something better can come along. This is the “bridge” […]