Watch Carl in the media, as he addresses the Deepwater Horizon Oil Blowout and humanity’s impact on the world’s oceans.


2010 Indianapolis Prize Finalist Bio

A short biography of Carl, followed by an introduction to Sea in Flames: Watch the video >


Carl’s TEDx talk

An emotional account of the devastating impact of the gulf oil spill: Watch the video >


The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert speaks with Carl about politics and the gulf oil spill: Watch the video >


PBS’s Need to Know

Carl discusses the gulf oil spill with Jon Meacham: Watch the video >


Democracy Now

A conversation about the ecological impact of the golf oil spill: Watch the video >


MSNBC’s Countdown

Carl explains the use of toxic dispersants during the gulf oil spill: Watch the video >


Carl’s 2008 PopCast talk

A presentation on humanity’s shocking impact on the world’s oceans: Watch the video >