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A Tortoise Isn’t a Billboard, Except in Aspen

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By  Carl Safina The Aspen Art Museum might be doing tortoises a favor but probably isn’t. In a new exhibit linked to the opening of a $45-million new facility, an artist named Cai Guo-Qiang, who was born in China and lives in New York, has glued iPads to several African spurred tortoises. They wander around an enclosure […]

How to Be Important After Graduation

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Graduation is always a joyful time. For the students, a lot of hard work has paid off. And for many parents, a lot of hard paying off has worked. So I’d like to share a few commencement remarks. As a marine biologist who has earned three degrees, working toward a degree has always seemed like […]

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In Praise of Inefficiency By Carl Safina

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This blog originally appeared in Huffington Post on 2/21/12: A recent announcement about a giant new fishing boat boasted that its automation would be capable of baiting and setting 17,000 hooks per day I put the announcement on my Facebook page, adding a disparaging, “We need this?” [] Although dozens of people agreed with […]

Salamander Meander By Carl Safina

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Andrew Sabin’s business involves recycling precious metals used in specialized industrial processes. But his nickname is the Salamander Commander. Last night I met him, plus Frank Quevedo who heads the South Fork Natural History Museum, and a friend of Andy’s from California named Maurice, who’d brought a friend from Hawaii named Jim. Maurice and Jim […]

Enough Duck Shooting By Carl Safina

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    Videos: Long-taileds diving injured duck original blog posted in Huffington Post:   This morning, I went for a walk on the beach. And from the bay, mere moments later, the muffled crack of guns. Three months of the twelve-month year, the shooting is a near-constant feature of being near the shore. The […]

A Dovekie For New Year’s By Carl Safina

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Patricia and I and our new puppy Emmi were strolling and birding along the bouldery beach at Montauk Point, Long Island, on New Year’s Day.  Mostly I was looking for seabirds. And there were thousands of ducks like scoters and eiders out feeding in the tide rips, plus many gannets over the ocean. Some Common […]

Film Shoot

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Last weekend, I had the pleasure of having a visit by Academy-award-winning director of The Cove, Louie Psihoyos, to shoot an interview and some outdoor scenes for a new movie about extinction that he is working on. The movie will not be done for close to two years and is taking him far and wide. […]

A Morning’s Fishing

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I recently had the opportunity to take a friend, his son, and three of his son’s teenage friends out for a morning of fishing. The friend is science writer and New York Times Dot.Earth blogger Andy Revkin. While the humaneness of fishing can validly be questioned, it’s always been my opinion that getting involved with […]

Safina’s Spring Writing Roundup

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Throughout April, Dr. Safina was called on to offer his expert opinion on topics ranging from the anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico oil rig blowout, the radioactive water leak at Japan’s quake- and tsunami-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor, and the energy crisis. Safina was interviewed by TV, radio stations and news magazines nationwide, to […]

Iron Rich and Discussion Poor

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The New York Times has an article about a new undertaking that plans to put iron-bearing dust into the ocean to trigger plankton blooms and thereby pull carbon dioxide out of the air. Because there are so many other things we could be doing to solve the problems caused by fossil fuel dependency and […]