Spotlight on Sponges – Part III

Brown tube sponge, agelas tubulata

The third and final entry in Research Scientist Dr. Alan Duckworth’s blog on sponge studies in Jamaica. Days 9-12 The settlement plate experiment is now finished, with plates anchored to the reef at two depths in an impact and two control locations. Now we wait 6 months to see what marine organisms have settled and […]

Spotlight on Sponges – Part II

Deploying sediment traps

This is Part II of Blue Ocean Research Scientist Dr. Alan Duckworth’s  blog as he oversees a coral reef study in Jamaica. Days 5 – 8 The past few days have been mostly spent attaching settlement plates to the reef. Each plate, 11 x 11 cm in size, is made of terracotta, which is a […]

Spotlight on Sponges

Yellow Tube Sponge - Aplysina fistularis

The following is a guest blog from Dr. Alan Duckworth, Blue Ocean Institute’s Research Scientist. Days 1 and 2 On Monday I left the cold climes of New York for the considerably warmer and more pleasant tropical weather of Jamaica.  I’m here in Jamaica to co-supervise Amber Stubler, a Stony Brook University graduate student, with […]