Wolf Howls


  The following audio was recorded in March 2013 at Yellowstone National Park.  It was early morning and there were about 9 wild wolves howling from the Lamar Valley pack.  Wolves often howl for no apparent reason, but you can hear that they all sound different – there’s not one stereotypical howl. Some find it […]

Killer Whale Calls

The following audio was recorded in early October in Haro Straight off San Juan Island in Washington.  There were about 20 whales or so – if you close your eyes, you can picture the backdrop of a jungle just as easily as the ocean. A hydrophone was used to capture the sounds, and although it […]

Killers of the Davenport Hills

Thanks to Tony Lorenz and Nancy Black of the Monterey Bay Whalewatch, I was able to get out to search for what I called the Killers of the Davenport hills (because we found them off Davenport). These are actually transient killer whales, and the day before they’d killed a gray whale calf. In the small […]

Spring Tragedy

Wednesday April 7, 2010 – This morning I got a call from my friend, photographer John Todaro (http://bit.ly/deKPot): a young whale was washing ashore the main beach in town. I met him down there and, yes, a juvenile Humpback Whale was in the surf, alive. Unlike the whale in my children’s book (http://bit.ly/cgVmKj), for this […]

On the Word Creation…

The following video and text originally appeared on filmmaker David Conover’s blog. Words matter. Learning to say hello in the native language of a country that you visit matters. A matter of connection, of civility, of grace. Sometimes the word environment suffers from misuse, and may not be the best word of hello among scientists […]

Matters of Morality

The following video and text originally appeared on filmmaker David Conover’s blog http://www.beholdtheearth.com/blog/1104/carl-safina-matters-of-morality/.  Simply noticing and recording the disturbing trends of a degraded world is a virtue of science and all those practicing it. The process reveals a lot of information about the world around us. But information alone is not enough to mobilize action […]