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Lemurs of Madagascar

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On board with Lindblad Expeditions Southern Africa and Indian Ocean tour. I’d just arrived in Madagascar for the first time. I was with the foremost expert on the primates called lemurs, trying to pay attention. I had everything to learn. We’d just gotten there on the shipNational Geographic Orion, courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions. As soon […]

In the Agulhas

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March 27, 2015 – The Agulhas current flows down the east coast of Africa from the north. It’s described as “narrow, swift, and strong” on our briefing material aboard National Geographic Orion. As it reaches the southern tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas (Cape of Good Hope is not actually the continent’s southern tip), it recirculates. […]

Great White Sharks of Gansbaai: No Hooking, No Handling, No Harm

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March 23, 2015 – As we began our cruise up the southeast coast of Africa aboard the shipNational Geographic Orion, we departed Cape Town, South Africa. Several of us spent the day on an outing with Marine Dynamics out of Gansbaai to see great white sharks near Dyer Island. We anchored in an easy swell, […]

Lindblad Expeditions: Retrospective On Our Voyage

Lindblad Expeditions Cruise on November 11th, 2011 4 Comments

Our trip is now complete. It’s time to skedaddle. But the trip isn’t over. It’s time to get back into our own lives, but we’ll bring this trip and its images in with us, where its perspective-setting power will continue expanding our view of life. Pulling from earlier daily postings, I’d like to offer a […]

Lindblad Expeditions: Days 16 through 18: At Sea and back to the Falklands

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For two days we traveled westward from South Georgia in calm weather but dense fog, then arrived back in the Falkland Islands. On the outbound leg, the Falklands’ tree-less, rock-and-tussock profile seemed chilly and windswept. On our return, the same place seemed balmy and spring-like. The contrast between South Georgia, with its single songbird, and […]

Lindblad Expeditions: Day 15

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On our expedition’s last day on South Georgia, we went ashore on the narrowest part of the northwest coast, a wild, Lord-of-the-Rings landscape of steep rock-and-hummock slopes, howling winds and sheets of shrouding mists. This pilgrimage was prompted mainly by the chance for a visitation with nesting Gray-headed Albatrosses on the high slopes.   The […]

Lindblad Expeditions: Day 14, afternoon: Prion island

For the Birds, Lindblad Expeditions Cruise on November 8th, 2011 1 Comment

South Georgia is a very remote place. But with its history of whaling and whale ships, it’s not too far for rats to have reached. As on other oceanic islands where rats have reached, they’ve been devastating to the smaller seabirds. They’ve utterly wiped out the world’s southernmost songbird, the South Georgia Pipit, from much […]

Lindblad Expeditions: Day 14, morning

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Salisbury Plain. A particularly stunning part of South Georgia’s generally stunning coast. South Georgia’s second-largest King Penguin colony, it seemed the Serengeti of penguins. We went ashore with spectacular dawn light sending a gleam across towering snow-capped crags, the white line of surf, the pearliness of penguin bellies, and enriching the gold wreaths of the […]

Lindblad Expeditions: Day 13

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In the morning our ship, National Geographic Explorer, dropped us off at a place called Maiviken, affording us a spectacular several-mile hike to a place called Grytviken. Grytviken is the site of another abandoned whaling station. And the site of Ernest Shackleton’s grave. It’s also got a small museum. No one really lives here, but […]

Lindblad Expeditions: Day 12

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Halloween found us in Fortuna Bay; dawn revealed a fog-shrouded South Georgia Island. Probably the scariest thing about this Halloween was news that the world’s human population is now 7 billion. The implications of this encompass everything. And while pundits and bloggers argue over whether rich or poor people are worst for the planet, I […]