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Government Says Eat Fish, Not Too Much, Mostly Low in Mercury

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Previously posted on 6-18-2014: By Carl Safina and Elizabeth Brown A few days ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released updated draft advice on fish consumption for childbearing aged women and young children. The new advice encourages pregnant women, women who may become pregnant, breastfeeding women, and […]

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New Catch Limit for Menhaden Leaves Millions of Fish in the Sea

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Previously posted on 6/12/2014: By Carl Safina and Elizabeth Brown In December 2012, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission voted to establish the first ever coast-wide catch limit for the Atlantic Menhaden fishery, after urging from fishermen, conservationists, and many of you to protect Menhaden1. Menhaden are one of the sea’s most important […]

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Rising oceans will be unstoppable

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Previously posted on CNN:   Have you heard the news?  Because Antarctic ice sheets are melting, the sea level is likely to rise “unstoppably” by at least 10 feet  , dooming many coastal towns and displacing millions of people. And it’s all going to happen—within several centuries. Well. Who. Cares. This is news […]

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This planet comes with limits

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Previously posted on When I was in my 20s, a girlfriend surprised me by saying that we didn’t have to worry about overpopulation because technology would make sure we always had what everyone needed. Of course, economists have been saying this for decades. And of course, billions of people today don’t have what they […]

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