Nina Delmar: The Great WHALE Rescue

By Carl Safina

Inspired by a true story, Carl Safina’s first children’s book takes you on an adventure through the Pacific Ocean as Nina Delmar struggles to save an entangled humpback whale. A chapter book aimed roughly at ages 7 to 11, this coming-of-age tale is perfect for ocean enthusiasts of all ages!

Our children must learn to save the oceans with us.

— Sylvia Earle

The story behind the book

On December 14, 2005, an article published in the San Francisco Chronicle read, “A humpback whale freed by divers from a tangle of crab trap lines near the Farallon Islands nudged its rescuers and flapped around them in what marine experts said was a rare and remarkable encounter.” Was the whale saying ‘thank you’?  How can we truly know what goes on in the animal mind?  That incredible moment raised lots of questions about our relationships with animals, inspiring the story of Nina Delmar.

Read the original news story here.

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