Wolves of Yellowstone

October 17th, 2013 | 3 Comments

wolvesFor the book I am working on, last March I visited Yellowstone National Park to observe wild wolves. These photos are all from that trip. All these wolves are wild-living descendants of wild-caught Canadian wolves introduced to Yellowstone after the Park Service exterminated the Park’s wolves in the 1920s. The restoration succeeded, but the story never ends.

I am deeply indebted to Rick McIntyre for sharing his incomporable knowledge. I greatly thank Doug McLaughlin, Sian Jones, and Laurie Lyman for expert guidance and teaching. To keep up with happenings, see YellowstoneReports.com.

To view the album, click here.

3 Responses to “Wolves of Yellowstone”

  1. Peter Murray says:

    Hi Carl: I met you in YNP last March. I grew up in Oyster Bay..circa 1950s-60s. I have some images of the Wolves of Yellowstone going back some years on the site. If you can use any of them let me know.
    Best to you…Am reading the books on the oceans at the moment. Good Stuff.
    Please remember that what happens to the wolves….the 06 female of the Lamar Canyon Pack, for example, after she was shot is an important and vital part of the story. Teenage wolfs are like teenage kids, they need parental guidance and without it they get into mischief.
    Best to you,

  2. Michael McCarthy says:

    Hi Carl,
    I think it might interest you to speak with a former backcountry ranger and game warden from the Olympic Peninsula, who has a remarkable story about the introduction of a number of wolves into the Yellowstone ecosystem . He shared it with me as we ascended a peak in Olympic National Park on what he euphemistically called ‘Al’s Trail’ a couple of decades ago- he was in his sixties, and at 40 years old at the time I could hardly keep him in sight. He stated categorically that he and another wildlife biologist surreptitiously placed these animals into Ystone to remedy the ecological imbalances years before the government program to officially do the same thing. A crusty character right out of Ed Abbey, it was a remarkable revelation coming from a man who was a local legend on the Peninsula. Coincidentally, I lived in Corwin Springs Montana at the time this was occurring,
    and from some disreputable characters who poached in the Park I heard scuttlebutt about a pack of wolves that seemed to have come out of nowhere. If he is still alive, it would
    be quite a story to follow up on. If the subject intrigues you, I will make further inquiries.

    By the way, I have been made aware of your connection to the need for a Fukushima solution by Robert Brazy, and by all accounts my idea of connecting my friend Judd Hamilton’s XRok technology to the ceramic spraying technology of Alphagen is moving ahead with great purposefulness and immediacy. Kudos to you for all the phenomenal work…here’s hoping that the promise of interconnectedness afforded by these new media is actually starting to bear fruit!

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