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October 15th, 2013 | 1 Comment
PBS Television Show: "Saving the Ocean"

With Saving the Ocean, our focus is on people who have solutions.   It is also beautiful, bringing viewers into the majesty and magic of the sea while showcasing practical innovation.

Saving the Ocean is a new kind of TV nature series.   By showing solutions, we give you a glimpse of what’s possible—a vision of hope.  Scaled up, the efforts we’re focusing on could really change things.  So feel energized by some examples of things going right for the ocean and for coastal people.

A positive emphasis on problem-solving is the heart of our series, making it unique among TV shows about nature and the environment.

Saving the Ocean’s 10 half-hour episodes are available for FREE at!

Watch instantly here.


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  1. Wish says:

    It’s thanks to the hard work of people like this who make the difference to our Oceans. Expeditions often result in changed minds/perspectives and can help to create change and improvement on the seas.

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