“Saving the Ocean” is a BLUE Ocean Film Festival Finalist

July 27th, 2012 | No Comments
PBS Television Show: "Saving the Ocean"

The BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Event, a 7-day festival showcasing the world’s finest ocean films and award winning marine photography selected Carl Safina’s Saving the Ocean: The Sacred Island episode as a finalist in the Innovations and Solutions category.  Airing on PBS, Safina’s Saving the Ocean series chronicles the unsung heroes who are hard at work inventing and implementing solutions to save the world’s oceans.

Carl filming in Pemba, Tanzania

The episode, The Sacred Island, is the story of the island of Pemba, part of Zanzibar off the East African coast. Once threatened by resort development, Pemba’s pristine reefs and lagoons are now managed by, and for, the fishermen – and for tourists too. Carl fishes with the locals in traditional dugout canoes, and meets the influential Imams who preach the conservation message of the Koran – a message that could help the oceans in much of the world.

Watch the complete episode of The Sacred Island. New episodes of Saving the Ocean with Carl Safina will air on PBS later in 2012.

The BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Event will take place in Monterey, CA, September 24-30, 2012.  For more information, visit blueoceanfilmfestival.org



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