“Saving the Ocean with Carl Safina” Available on Netflix

July 22nd, 2011 | 1 Comment
News, PBS Television Show: "Saving the Ocean"

Netflix now offers Carl Safina’s PBS series Saving the Ocean.

Join host Carl Safina as he chronicles the unsung heroes who are hard at work inventing and implementing solutions to save the world’s oceans.

Most of us have heard about the effects overfishing, pollution and industry are having on the world’s oceans.

It’s time for some good news.

Join Carl as he introduces us to ocean scientists, fishermen, and even religious leaders who are helping fish, reefs, and coastal habitats to rebound, bringing endangered species back from the brink and—creating hope.

Also airing on PBS, Saving the Ocean is composed of half-hour episodes, tailored to weekend and early evening broadcasts. Visit PBS.org for detailed station and date information.

Carl’s is shooting the next episode of Saving the Ocean this summer, and it will air on PBS in early 2012.  Read about his recent shoot off the coast of Nova Scotia.



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