Last Day: Grizzly Stuff

July 1st, 2011 | 3 Comments
Bears, Khutzeymateen Inlet, British Columbia, Travels

Grizzly Bear Mom and Cub

All in all, this is been a lovely trip on a magic-carpet of a boat that got us easily and safely in and out of an awe-inspiring wilderness, among awe-inspiring creatures.

More info about Canadian grizzly bear conservation can be found at:

And a petition opposing hunting Grizzly Bears in British Columbia:


Read about Barrie Gilbert’s work on bear in British Columbia.

3 Responses to “Last Day: Grizzly Stuff”

  1. alex mckay says:

    carl – since reading the view from lazy point, i feel i’ve become a stalker – just read your latest blogs and am in the middle of blue oceans – reviewed the view for hobas newsletter killdeer = find your writing and adventures inspiring for an old nature lover = alex

  2. alex mckay says:

    forgot to mention enjoyed hearing you at encore books

  3. Pat Marrion says:

    Thanks, Carl, both for sharing your thoughts on the trip and for your contribution to what was indeed a magical adventure. Your pics are great, if I ever figure out how to get mine off my camera and onto my laptop I have a couple that I’m pretty pleased with and will share them too.
    Best regards,

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