Safina’s Spring Writing Roundup

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Throughout April, Dr. Safina was called on to offer his expert opinion on topics ranging from the anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico oil rig blowout, the radioactive water leak at Japan’s quake- and tsunami-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor, and the energy crisis.

Safina was interviewed by TV, radio stations and news magazines nationwide, to discuss his new book A Sea in Flames, which chronicles the 2010 oil rig blowout.

Below is a sampling of interviews, op-eds and articles from Carl’s April activities. Enjoy!

One year after the BP oil spill: Are the US government and energy companies willing to change their policies? Al-Jazeera (Safina starts at 1:30). April 20, 2011

Carl Safina and Abrahm Lustgarten on the BP disaster and lessons learned. Need to Know on PBS. Apr 15, 2011

“A Sea in Flames”: Ecologist Carl Safina on First Anniversary of Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Blowout. Democracy Now with host Amy Goodman: The interview begins at minute 8:43 and ends at 22:37. April 20, 2011


Carl Safina On The B.P. Oil Spill. Science Friday Apr 15, 2011


What’s Worse Than an Oil Spill? Mark Bittman writes about Safina and A SEA IN FLAMES in his New York Times blog. April 19, 2011

What Won’t Happen on Energy, and What Must. The Huffington Post. April, 2011

Safe, But In What Way? Huffington Post. April 19, 2011

One Year Later: Assessing the Lasting Impact of the Gulf Spill. Yale e360. April18, 2011

In Japan, Will Sea Dilute Radiation Pollution? CNN. April 7, 2011

Print/Online Interviews

Deepwater Horizon, One Year Later: A Conversation With Carl Safina. The Atlantic. April 20, 2011

The BP Oil Spill, One Year Later: How Healthy Is the Gulf Now? TIME Magazine. April 19, 2011

‘The Real Catastrophe is the Oil We Don’t Spill': Carl Safina on the Deepwater Horizon Blowout. Rolling Stone. April 19, 2011


The 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Well Blowout: A Little Hindsight. PLoS Biology. April 19, 2011


-Alison Lindner

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