New book – A Sea in Flames and new TV series Saving the Ocean airs on PBS

January 27th, 2011 | 5 Comments
Gulf of Mexico Oil Blow-Out, News, PBS Television Show: "Saving the Ocean", The View From Lazy Point
Check your local PBS listings for the first two episodes of “Saving the Ocean with Carl Safina“.
And look for Carl’s new book, which was released on April 19th: “A Sea in Flames: The Deepwater Horizon Oil Blowout
Click here for upcoming events, media appearances and ongoing reviews for Safina’s new book, The View From Lazy Point; A Natural Year in an Unnatural World. (Released 1/11)
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5 Responses to “New book – A Sea in Flames and new TV series Saving the Ocean airs on PBS”

  1. Peter Schmidt says:

    Other than the writings of Wendell Berry, I have never been as moved by a book as I have by “The View From Lazy Point.” As a teacher, I hope Carl Safina’s words resonate with many in my profession who are disenchanted with the ways in which our schools have become both disconnected from a changing world and too rarely ask that most important question, “How are we to live.”

  2. […] Future, Nature by timzimmermann I hope the world takes note of Carl Safina, and his new book, The View From Lazy Point (NYT review is here). Safina is an original and deep thinker, and The View From Lazy Point is both […]

  3. Victoria Miller says:

    Only on page 33 of The View from Lazy Point, and think it is the one book that should be read by everyone on the planet. I’m reading it accompanied with The World Atlas of Birds, A Field Guide of Birds, and Seashells of North America. What a treasure this book is! I wish there was a ‘coffee-table’ version with photos and drawings of creatures he mentions. I’m grateful for the drawings that are in the book. When I took Oceanography in college, it caused me to be aware how interconnected everything is, and I thought it should be a course required in every high school. I look forward to reading Carl Safina’s other books, and I know what I’m giving everyone for Christmas this year.

  4. Victoria Miller says:

    Additionally, I followed the Gulf Oil Disaster very closely and have a huge file about it. I look forward to reading A Sea in Flames, although I don’t look forward to the feelings that will be dredged up along with that. Also, I’m sure all the drilling and fracking cause earthquakes, but no one ever seems to talk about that.

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