Carl Safina in the Hot Seat with Stephen Colbert

June 14th, 2010 | 5 Comments
Gulf of Mexico Oil Blow-Out, News

300px-the_colbert_reportRecently, Blue Ocean Institute’s Dr. Carl Safina, appeared on the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning Comedy Central series, “The Colbert Report,” touted by The New York Times as “one of the best television shows of the year.”

Toxic Soup & Petroleum Patties?

After spending much of the past month in the Gulf of Mexico, Safina addressed the Colbert Nation about this catastrophic event, and the long-term social & ecological impact BP’s oil blow out will have. From our ocean to the dinner table, Safina asserts that, “it’s not the Gulf oil spill, it’s the U.S. oil spill. It’s our oil spill.”

5 Responses to “Carl Safina in the Hot Seat with Stephen Colbert”

  1. Shelly says:

    Dear Carl,
    We just watched the Colbert Report. Great Job! We appreciate your effort to bring out the problems between government and oil. We also feel that the problems apply to our public owned forests and resources too. Who can we trust to guard them all? All of us must be involved and speak up. – Shelly and Dick on Sanibel

  2. Pamela Hoke says:

    Carl, you were absolutely incredible on Colbert last night! For the little time you got to say anything (that is the way it rolls on the show), you expressed the primary concerns and messsage. “…it’s not all about you Stephen…” wow! Only wished he would have at least stated you website! Congrats!

  3. Emily Munday says:

    Just watched the show last night- you did a great job getting the key points across, which doesn’t seem easy in an interview with Stephen Colbert! I think you were also effective in bringing attention to our government’s role in this- it is easy to name BP as the bad guy, which they definitely are, but government has too many hands in the mess, too. I hope your interview gets people thinking in new ways.

  4. Carl, as someone who’s never heard of you (but will pay more attention in the future) just wanted to say your performance was one of the best I’ve ever seen on Stephen’s show; you dominated, got your message out, sparred beautifully, all with intelligent panache and style. Really well done.

  5. Michelle says:


    Just fantastic performance! May I emphasize that we are all to blame for the spill? I cannot conceive the idea of blaming BP alone, as you pointed out, MMS has a lot to answer and corrupt politicians who receive thousands of dollars in sweet deals to go on national television and apologize to BP instead of the Gulf residents.

    There is a comparison to be drawn here from drug cartels in Mexico and oil companies, supply and demand will continue unless we get into rehab and profoundly change out economy and out way of life. As Jon Steward pointed out recently on his show, we’ve been talking about energy independence and alternative energy since Nixon!!!

    Unless we have campaign reform, we won’t see change in this country.

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